Considered a “cultural hybrid,” fusing elements from Latin America and Europe (among others!), Argentina is a great study abroad destination. Study Spanish, try out the Tango, enjoy the “cafe culture,” and simply soak up the sounds, smells and sights while cruising Buenos Aires’ vibrant streets.


Warm sunshine, friendly people, and a fun, laid-back way of life makes Australia an ideal study and intern abroad destination. Looking for outdoor adventure? Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef, climb Ayers Rock, surf at Bells Beach, camp in the Outback, or hike Kakadu National Park!


Belize is unique in the Americas as being the only nation with a British colonial history, and as a result of this, Belizeans consider themselves more Caribbean than their geography amongst the Latin American countries would place them. Part of that geography is the world’s second largest barrier reef, which runs the length of the Belize coast and has far fewer crowds than Australia’s Great Barrier.


Everything in Bolivia is ‘the highest in the world’ – the mammoth Lake Titicaca, its capital La Paz, the silver mines of Potosi. Bolivia is the highest and most isolated country in South America characterised by extreme differences in climatic and environmental conditions – from the soaring ice-capped Andean peaks to the dry salt flats to the steamy Amazon jungles. Its beauty does not just lie in its geography but is reflected in vibrant indigenous cultures, colonial cities and ancient civilisations.


Botswana is home to the Okavango Delta which houses both the Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park; havens for blue wildebeest, antelopes, the wild and endangered African wild dog. Choose in particular has the world’s largest concentration of African elephants. Choose covers an extraordinary 4,250 square miles and also provides a natural dwelling for over 350 species of birds.  Botswana is also home to the Khama Rhino Sanctuary and the Makgadikgadi Sanctuary for flamingos.


While blessed with world-class natural beauty, extensive natural resources, a variety of protected habitats and one of the largest economies in the world, the people of Brazil sill struggle against poverty, inequality and a lack of opportunities.  Limited education, ineffective health services and an astonishing gap between the rich and poor hinder Brazilians from escaping the challenges of a less developed nation.  Brazil’s hospitality, love of life, the people, and environment provide demanding and rewarding program experiences.


Despite the heavy rains, only 67% of people have access to safe drinking water and many NGOs sponsor well-building to improve access for people in rural areas as well as in informal housing and schools. Only 33% of people across the country have access to sanitation facilities. The difference between the facilities in the more well-to-do urban areas compared to the impoverished poor rural areas is noticeable.


Study in one of the oldest civilizations in the world! With over 6,000 years of history, you’ll always have something to see and learn. From business to computer engineering, visual arts to tourism, China has something for everyone.


Colombia has some of the best nightlife in Latin America and is extremely rich in biodiversity. whether you want to hike in the Andean mountains, trek through the Amazon jungle, relax on a Caribbean beach, or salsa dance the night away – Colombia has it all!


Live, intern, and study in San José, the cosmopolitan capital of Costa Rica that is bursting at the seams with museums, restaurants, shopping malls, and nightclubs! Outdoor adventure awaits you in Costa Rica, a country renowned for its eco-tourism. And you can study Tropical Marine Biology or Tropical Ecology and Resource Management in two focused programs offered in the summer and in January.


Although it has only been a country since 1993, the Czech Republic is quickly becoming one of the most popular travel destinations in Central Europe! From Gothic to Baroque, Renaissance to Cubist, the architecture of Prague will leave you in awe as you walk the city’s cobblestone streets.


England is renowned for its rich history, art, and culture. While studying or interning in London, you’ll be living among icons such as Buckingham Palace, the Globe Theatre, Notting Hill, Big Ben, and the West End theater district.


Experience firsthand the rich culture, the fascinating history, the famous art, and the tasty cuisine that have made France one of the most visited countries in the world! With CISabroad, you’ll become more than another visitor – you’ll be engaged in the local culture, living like a local.


There are few places in the world as naturally fascinating as the Galapagos. A group of volcanic islands off the coast of Ecuador, the area is now protected as a national park.


As one of Africa’s most peaceful and politically stable countries, Ghana is the perfect location for immersing yourself in the rich history and culture of an African country! Explore the renowned castles of Ghana that were created by European explorers and traders in the 15th century. Cape Coast Castle, Fort St. Jago, and Elmina Castle are some of the UNESCO World Heritage monuments we think you should check out.

Ghana – Music Internship

Ghana | PAA


Take in true Irish history as you tour the ancient castles and cathedrals of the country that date back to 6,000BC! Scotland’s people are exceptionally friendly, its countryside is spectacular, and the cities of Dublin and Stirling offer a perfect blend of tradition and modern amenities.

Ireland – BLAS Summer Dance Intensive Program in Limerick

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India can be filled with challenges; in fact, that’s one of its attractions. From understanding local customs to confronting vast wealth disparity, you will consistently be forced to think carefully about yourself and the community that you are serving. Not everything you see and do will make sense to you or be immediately gratifying.  When things do seem overwhelming, you may want to remind yourself that by choosing to volunteer in India, you have already cleared the biggest hurdle!


Indonesia stretches along the equator in South East Asia. Its position on well-travelled sea routes nurtures inter-island and international trade. Despite now being the world’s fourth most populous country, many of the islands that make up Indonesia are uninhabited, with 60% of the country covered in forest.  In fact, you can imagine the landscape of most islands if you visualize a desert island from a cartoon, with a large volcano sticking out of the middle, green inland forest and flat expanses of beauty coast around the edge!


Italy offers everything a study or intern abroad participant could want: a great climate, rich culture, impressive art, tasty cuisine, and so much more! Be more than just one of the millions of tourists in Italy when you go with CISabroad, as you’ll have the chance to get off the beaten track with our staff’s guidance.


Home to the Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the Moon, and miles of beautiful coastline, Mexico is a very popular vacation spot. Ranked as the number one tourist destination in Latin America.


Morocco, a North African country bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, is distinguished by its Berber, Arabian and European cultural influences.


Enjoy a combination of field-based studies, intriguing excursions, and fun cultural activities when you participate in one of our travel-study multi-country programs!


Bordering the Atlantic Ocean, the 34th largest country in the world, Namibia contains 2 vast deserts, The Namib and The Kalahari. Having won independence in 1990, the population now finds itself competing with its own wildlife for its survival because of desertification and an erratic rainfall. Despite this, Namibia rose to the challenge and became the first country in the world to incorporate protection of its environment into its constitution.


Known as The Kingdom of Nepal, and nestled between India and China, Nepal is where the Himalaya Mountains meet the Indian plains. It is a land of yaks and yetis, stupas and Sherpas and has some of the best trekking on earth.


You’ve seen the beauty of New Zealand in Lord of the Rings, now experience it for yourself! Sunny beaches, ice glaciers, and lush rainforests are just a few of the pristine locations to explore. Enjoy skiing to surfing, skydiving to bungee jumping, hiking to kayaking, and much more!


One of the world’s best kept secrets, the Sultanate of Oman hosts hundreds of American university students each year for intensive Arabic language and study abroad semesters. Climb desert sand dunes, camp in its mountains, experience its amazing culture.


Open your eyes to the world-renowned Latin American culture, cuisine, and history by spending a semester in Peru! Explore Peru’s natural playground by trekking the Inca Trail to one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu, or adventure into Colca Canyon, home to some of the largest birds in nature, the Andean Condors.


The Philippines, in the western Pacific region is a country made up of an archipelago of 7,107 islands – with the Philippine Sea on the east, South China Sea on the west and the Celebes Sea to the South. The islands are grouped into three main areas; Luzon to North, the Visayas centrally and Mindanao to the South. The capital is Manila, which lies within Luzon.


Experience the old meeting new in Scotland as you walk amongst castles on cobblestone streets on your way to modern, lively bars, and restaurants! Challenge yourself academically at either Edinburgh Napier University or the University of Stirling, which both have cutting-edge courses in a broad array of subjects.


The diverse culture of South Africa makes it a prime location for a truly international experience. Plunge from the world’s highest bungee jump, cage dive with great sharks, ride an ostrich, or learn to surf. South Africa has enough adventure opportunities to keep you busy for a lifetime.


Spain is beloved for its fascinating history, dynamic culture, and beautiful landscapes. Study in beautiful Barcelona or cosmopolitan Madrid with CISabroad. Or, intern in Barcelona to gain invaluable work experience while immersing in the culture.

Spain – Intern in Barcelona

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Exotic temples, thick green jungle, crystal clear blue water, ancient ruins and spicy, tasty cuisine are some reasons why so many overseas travellers come to the ‘Golden Land.’ Your first encounter with Thai culture will be with the bustling streets of Bangkok, a modern city with gleaming shopping malls and a sky train that zips between roof tops. All this is interwoven with devout Buddhist practices and breathtaking temples. To the north lies Thailand’s second-largest city, Chiang Mai. As the country’s bohemian centre, Chiang Mai is where the unique and precise elements of Thai culture become a classroom, for cooking courses and language lessons.


Receive an enriching international experience without leaving the country. Asian influences and indigenous Hawaiians create a culture that is truly unique to study and live in! Outdoor adventure opportunities like hiking, surfing, parasailing, snorkeling, mountain biking, and kayaking will never leave you bored on the weekends.


For a country that is only a little larger than Italy, Vietnam has immense geographic and cultural diversity. Its varied climate and landscape range from four seasons in the mountainous north, to year-round tropical temperatures in the lush south.