Comparative Education: Germany and U.S.

Spring 2018

Hybrid Course – Spring online class leads to summer travel.

Students will explore Germany’s educational system and structures by touring, speaking with students, teachers, and administrators. Discussions of US educational system and structures will allow students to identify facets of the two systems believed to be helpful to students learning and areas for further exploration. Readings, discussions and school data will be analyzed allowing students to deepen their understanding and critical thinking. Cultural excursions will include food, museums, and geography to help students develop a sense of diversity and tolerance.

Germany’s educational system is very different from the US. They organize and teach their children in very distinct segments. This country visit will allow JU students the opportunity to learn about different ways of organizing and providing education to citizens. This information will allow JU students to analyze and compare ideas and structures as they develop their own philosophy of education and the best ways to enhance the citizens.

JU students will find the educational system in Germany a good follow-up after learning about Finland.


  • None.

Course (1-3 credits)

EDUC 402 – Comparative Education Germany and US

Faculty Instructor
Dr. Wilson has been an educator since 1985, and in that time she has taught students in a variety of settings, including in delinquency, dependency, special education, public schools, private schools and residential programs. She is especially inspired by and deeply proud of the JU graduates under her tutelage who have gone on to pursue their own doctoral degrees.

Wilson considers herself a lifelong student, studying how people learn and constantly on the prowl for new techniques to improve her teaching practices for all learners.


  • JU Credit (3 credits)
  • Breakfast provided daily
  • Group welcome and farewell dinners
  • Shared occupancy housing (2-3 students per room) in centrally located hotels or boutique hotel.
  • Medical & Accident Insurance
  • Pre-departure orientation
  • Program related excursions
  • 24 hour on-site support
  • On-site orientation

Not Included

  • Some Meals
  • Roundtrip airfare