On an international internship you work with an organization overseas to better prepare for your future profession.

International internships give you valuable insight into your field, professional connections, and relevant experience for your resume. An internship abroad shows future employers you are comfortable in a diverse workplace.

Talk to your IEP Advisor if you are interested in earning academic credit for your internship. Use the filter below to search by destination.

Australia – Intern in Sydney

Australia | CIS Abroad

China – Intern

China | Kaya

China – Intern in Shanghai

China | CIS Abroad

Colombia – Intern

Colombia | World Internships

Costa Rica – Intern in San Jose

Costa Rica | CIS

Ecuador – Intern in Quito

Ecuador | CIS

India – Intern

India | Kaya

Ireland – Intern in Dublin

Ireland | CIS

Italy – Gospel Choir Internship in Rome

Italy | PAA

Italy – Intern in Florence

Italy | CIS

Italy – Intern in Rome

Italy | CIS

Italy – Technical Theatre Internships in Rome

Italy | PAA

London – Intern

England | CIS

Mexico – Intern

Mexico | World Internships

Morocco – Intern

Mexico | World Internships

Nepal – Intern

Nepal | World Internships

New Zealand – Intern

New Zealand | CIS

Scotland – Intern in Stirling

Scotland | CIS

Scotland – Study Internship in Stirling

Scotland | CIS

South Africa – Film Internship in Cape Town

South Africa | PAA

South Africa – Music Internship in White River

South Africa | PAA

Spain – Art Administration Internship in Barcelona

Spain | PAA

Spain – Dance Internship in Barcelona

Spain | PAA

Spain – Intern in Barcelona

Spain | BSAE

Spain – Music Internship in Barcelona

Spain | PAA

Spain – Theater Internship in Barcelona

Spain | PAA

Vietnam – Intern

Vietnam | World Internships